Never have I ever hated my job.

Never have I ever hated going to work like this.

Never have I ever thought a job could make me want to change my profession.

Never have I ever thought that someone who intends to help actually does quite the opposite.

Never have I ever thought that a job could bring me to tears.

No, not because of the normal things that people get upset about at work; like the customers who give you problems or the underpaid wages. No, the reasons are this:

1. I never meet your expectations.

2. Just as I think I’m doing my best, I’m apparently not.

3. Animals are dying because of your negligence.

You see… work is like a relationship. You show off your good qualities and some of your not so good qualities and management decides whether or not they want to be with you or not. Your boss decides whether they want to hire you.  I used to be someone who didn’t know their worth. Which is why I am not getting paid enough. But I do now, I know that this place is not worth my time, not worth my effort, and definitely not worth being disrespected. I’ve been told by a veterinarian that she wants to strangle me. She’s asked me “Are you here today?” As if my performance were so poor and my effort was useless. I’ve been told multiple times by different people how I’ve been here for months now and that I should know better not to make the mistakes that I’ve been making. Usually, i am an amazing multitasker, an extremely hard worker and someone who has exceptional communication skills. It’s crazy how that someone can get thrown out the window when exposed to a corrupted workplace.


Never will I ever let you get the best of me.

Never will i ever let you get the worst of me either.

Never will I ever consider this as a first world problem either.


You see… work is like a relationship. You want to keep trying and trying over and over and try to make things work out. You want to keep helping and trying as if it were going to make a difference. But at the end when you get left you don’t blame them. Because you were waiting for that, You were waiting for someone to leave you, waiting for someone to fire you. Why let it get to that point? If you realize something isn’t going to work then why keep hope in pursuing something that will never be? Why don’t you have the courage to speak about how you truly feel? Why don’t you have the courage to leave them first? Why are you always so scared? It’s never okay to just give up, but if you have given your best already and there isn’t anything else you can do then why stay in this Wrelationship?


Never am I going to be that person anymore.

Never am I going to lack courage and strength.

Never am I going to let a job make me want to quit.


I am going to make the decision to leave first this time. I am tired of being left behind to drown in my own feelings; As if they didn’t matter. I know my value and I know this because I have these things to offer:


  1. My Smile
  2. My Compassion
  3. My Honesty
  4. My Altruistic outlook
  5. My Sympathy
  6. My Humanity
  7. My Organization
  8. My Steward Heart
  9. My Devotion
  10. My Leadership


Most Virgos believe that he or she is not good enough for their job or even their partner. It’s something that we fear at times in our lives. We think that we’re not good enough for someone. Or in fact, Anything. How horrible that is; stop putting yourself in a corner and stop thinking that you’re limited to options because of what people have told you in your past. Don’t let your past relationships or Wrelationships get you in a position where you will do anything to avoid departing. Be stronger than that.
If you want to leave don’t think of it as giving up, think of it as you knowing you’re worth more than that. You’re worthy of more pay, You’re worthy of respect, You’re worthy of honesty and most importantly you’re worthy of good quality love. Dear Virgo, work on Self-improvement; Fire the things that you don’t accept about yourself, not what others don’t accept about you. Make a list, I know you like making lists anyways. Make a list of what you have to offer, and why you’re worth it. Slowly but surely you will start to realize that you don’t need to wait until they leave you. You can leave them, and it’s perfectly okay. Forget this Corruption , it’s time to get the hell out of there. Somewhere where Your value is recognized.

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